• Article // Nov 24, 2014
    Maria Golia
    Cairo’s Ring Road, a peripheral highway linking the city’s core to surrounding districts, is an eight-lane free-for-all, with cars, buses, and overloaded trucks weaving randomly at high speeds. “I for one consider it to be an off-road, not a highway,” says Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal, editor of the online Arabic-language automotive magazine, el-Tawkeel (The Dealership). “There are parts where you can actually see [through fissures in the pavement] people walking beneath.” “It’s sort of like a video game,” said Ayman Samir, one of the drivers featured in the 2013 documentary, Cairo Drive, referring to the stream of hazards the “player” must artfully avoid. Despite the growing risk involved in navigating this and Egypt’s other heavily-trafficked, poorly-maintained roads, little is being done to address the problem.