Human Rights

  • Establishing standards of and preserving human rights are of particular concern in many MENA countries, as large volumes of refugees and internally displaced persons populate the region.

  • Article // Apr 10, 2014
    Maria Golia
    It seemed like an ordinary demonstration. Clusters of banner-waving youths marched along the sun-drenched main street of Damanhour, in the heart of Egypt’s Nile Delta, on March 6. But the banners they held, featuring a large cartoonish drop of red blood beside an emphatic “No!,” were directed not at political figures but at Hepatitis C (HCV), a blood-transmitted virus attacking the liver that counts nearly 12 million Egyptians as its victims. HCV is especially prevalent in the Delta region. The march was organized by Damanhour University Professor Ashraf el-Sharaby, director of the HCV Media Unit, a public awareness-raising effort funded by the Egyptian Ministry for Scientific Research, one of many state, private sector, and civil society programs attempting to combat an epidemic that for the moment is winning.